How to create a mobile app walkthrough video?

03:40 mins


Updated on Jan 05, 2024

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In this video, we will show you how to create interactive walkthroughs and product tours for your mobile application.

Step 1: Upload and Edit

1. Go to the create video page.

2. Choose the "Upload and Edit" option to upload your mobile recording.

Step 2: Preview and Choose Timings

1. In the left section of the modal, you will see the player.

2. Use the player to preview the recording and choose the timings.

3. You can use keyboard shortcuts to play and pause the video.

Step 3: Add Snippets

1. In the right section of the modal, you can add snippets.

2. Snippets will be converted into video clips.

3. Use the "Make Clips" and "Use" option to divide the important pieces of the recording.

4. Give the start and end times for each snippet.

5. Use the copy icon to copy the current playing time.

6. Pause the recording at the specific time you want to add as a clip.

7. Click on the copy icon to copy the current playing time.

8. Click on the "Add Clips" button.

Step 4: Edit Video Clips

1. You will be directed to the editing page.

2. Edit each video clip according to your preference.

3. In the Header section, you can edit the title, video resolution, and background score.

4. Choose your preferred video resolution.

5. Change the background score by choosing files from the library or uploading your own.

Step 5: Clip Operations

1. Navigate to the clip you want to edit.

2. Choose the dots icon to perform clip operations like clone, delete, trim, and split.

3. Perform multi-clip operations like merge, reorder, and delete in bulk.

Step 6: Add Voice Over and Additional Content

1. Add voice over to your video clips by choosing the audio option on the top of the video.

2. Choose text to speech, record your own voice, or upload a file to generate audio.

3. Change the voice settings from the voice setting option.

4. Add additional content like video, images, or upload PDF in between videos by selecting the plus option after the clip.

Step 7: Edit Video

1. Edit the video from the various editing options available on the right side of the video.

2. Enable spotlight to highlight important information.

3. Readjust and resize your highlights.

4. Add shapes, text, and arrows using the add annotation or shapes option.

5. Use the zoom and transitions mode to zoom into specific areas on the screen.

6. Use the blur module to hide sensitive information like emails and passwords.

Step 8: Customize Video

1. Under the layouts tab, choose different layout options for your video.

2. Select a solid color or choose from existing templates for the background.

3. Set your border style and type under the borders tab.

4. Crop the frame to be present in the video by selecting the area.

5. Use the advanced settings option to adjust playback time, split and trim the video.

Step 9: Preview and Publish

1. Once you are done editing, preview the video.

2. Publish the video.

3. Embed the video in your application or copy the link to share it with your users.

Step 10: Additional Features

1. Edit subtitles, add call to actions, and chapters to your videos.

Thank you for watching! If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us.